Oldies Music Bulletin Board Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here is a brief explanation of some of the questions you may have about this Bulletin Board.

Do I have to register in order to post?

You do not have to register in order to view messages, but you must register with a valid e-mail address in order to post a new message or respond to an old one. This will help us stop spamming.

When you first enter the page, it will say "You are not currently logged in." Click the link to the right of there that says "Register to post messages". Tell it what you want for a login and password. Don't type that it in the boxes on the main page. That's for people who have already registered.

Tell it whatever login and password you want. And give it a valid e-mail address. It will send a verification message to that address. Your account isn't valid until you click the link in that verification message (that stops spammers). You may have to "cut and paste" the verification link from your e-mail program to your browser. If you do, make sure you've pasted the entire URL (often the second line is missing). Once you have verified your e-mail address, you should be able to log in. If you can't, tell it you forgot your password and have them send it to your e-mail address again.

Remember that your ISP's e-mail system may be slow. The process is not always instantaneous.

How do I post an original message?

At the bottom of the Bulletin Board is a section that says "Post a Message". Type in your name, E-mail address (optional), Subject and Message in the appropriate boxes.

The "Optional Link URL" is if you want to give a link to another Web site. You type the Web address there (you must start the address with "http://"). Likewise, you put the "Link Title" in so we see the title of the page rather than the URL (there must be a title or the link will not appear). Finally (and few people do this), you can leave the URL of a graphic to appear with your message in the "Optional Image URL" section.

When you're through typing the message you can "Spell Check" it, Preview it or click the "Post Message" button to send it to the board. When you do, you can view your message of view the entire board. It may be necessary to use your browser's "Refresh" or "Reload" button to see your message appear on the list.

How do I post a follow-up to someone's message?

When you read a message, there's a section that reads "Post a Followup" right underneath. Type in your name and optionally your E-mail address. Add your comments in the appropriate text box. You can delete the original message from the text box, if you wish.

The rest of the procedure is just like posting an orginal message above.

What kind of messages can't I post?

Since visitors of all ages post here, foul language and inappropriate subject matter is not permissible. We don't allow flaming on this board. So don't post personal attacks or sarcastic replies. This is a public board so don't post private messages. We don't allow commercial posts. So please don't try to advertise concerts, CDs, radio shows, etc. Even if you're not making money, someone probably is. Because we believe that the artists and composers of these classic tunes deserve their royalties, we do not allow messages that ask for CD-R's, MP3, WAV or RA files as well as those advising people to use KaZaA or similar "Napster-like" products. This also includes links to videos such as YouTube, etc. Messages must be about music of the 50's, 60's and 70's. Messages that simply say "Please leave this site and go to another" (especially those from the Webmaster of that other site-- hey, we sell advertising) will be removed. And we will also remove "Me, too" messages-- messages that answer a question that has already been answered by someone else.

Any question regarding the policies of this board should be addressed to the Webmaster by E-mail. Do not post such questions on the Board itself, or they will be removed. We're trying to keep the clutter down.

While you may post links to magazine or newspaper articles of interest to visitors, you may not re-print copyrighted articles, in whole or in part.

How long do messages stay up?

Generally 5 days. If we get enormously busy it may be less time, though. If there have been replies to a message in the last two days it may stay up longer. If you post a question, it is your responsibility to return during that time to read replies. Please don't ask people to E-mail you with answers because you're too lazy to come back for replies.

Can I put HTML tags anywhere in my posts?

No. Oldies Music has disallowed HTML in the Message part of your posting. Therefore, the script will just throw out everything in <>'s.

Why are there colons in the message when I try to post a follow-up?

Colons appear in the message dialog box when you try to follow up up on a message to indicate that those lines are quoting the previous document. Another good idea is to begin your message with a line to separate the original post from your reply. If a thread is particularly long, please delete all but the previous message from your reply.

Why didn't my post show up?

Your post most likely did not show up because your browser did not reload the page. It simply pulled it out of cache. Please reload or refresh it from your browser and it should then appear.

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