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[Battle of the Bands]

On The Bloody Morning After, One Tin Soldier Rides Away

There were battle lines being drawn. In honor of the 50th anniversary of Beatlemania, we've been battling off the top tunes by the Fab Four. And the Final Battle is over! Amazingly, the top two songs were the A & B sides of the same single.

The Final Battle:

I Want To Hold Your Hand - 60%
I Saw Her Standing There - 40%

Here are the top Beatles hits from the battle:

  1. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  2. I Saw Her Standing There
  3. A Hard Day's Night
  4. I Should Have Known Better
  5. She Loves You
  6. All You Need Is Love
  7. Help!
  8. All My Loving
  9. Yesterday
  10. Please Please Me
  11. Paperback Writer
  12. Day Tripper
  13. Penny Lane
  14. If I Fell
  15. Twist & Shout
  16. She's A Woman
  17. Eight Days A Week
  18. Hey Jude
  19. I Feel Fine
  20. Something
  21. Strawberry Fields Forever
  22. Get Back
  23. Hello Goodbye
  24. Let It Be
  25. The Long & Winding Road
  26. Revolution
  27. Ticket To Ride
  28. Love Me Do
  29. Can't Buy Me Love
  30. I Am The Walrus
  31. Eleanore Rigby
  32. Nowhere Man

Thanks to all who voted. Please remember, there are hundreds of Beatles tunes that didn't even make the Battle.

Uh, uh, uh! Don't go away. Very shortly, we'll begin a new Battle of the Bands!

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