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[Oldies Music 2013 Labor Day 500]

Count Me In

It's that time of year again, time for the Thirteenth Oldies Music Labor Day 500 (for those of you from outside America, Labor Day is a U.S. holiday that pays tribute to the average working man. It's the first Monday in September). We do it now every other year, so it's our first since 2013.

Please vote below for your fifteen favorite oldies singles in order from the 50's, 60's or 70's (songs must have made the Billboard, Cashbox or Record World top 100 charts). Once again, we're asking for 15 songs-- though you may vote for less.

We will not accept any more than five songs by the same artist. This is to discourage fan clubs from stuffing the ballot box with fifteen votes for the objects of their obsession. This will be strictly enforced (yes, that means you can't vote for five Beatles, five John Lennon and five Paul McCartney songs).

Vote only once! Anyone voting more than once will have all their ballots disqualified (we've become very good over the years at catching the cheaters). The deadline for voting is Sunday, August 30 with the results available right here the following weekend.

Those of you who request it will receive a copy of the top 500 list when it comes out.

Good luck to all Oldies artists and thanks to all of you for your votes!

-Oldies Music

Please enter your name:

Now enter your E-mail address (we won't give it out-- but it helps stops ballot stuffing):

Please vote for your fifteen favorite Oldies (in order). Please give title and artist (we are not mind readers when it comes to duplicate titles):















Check here if you'd like a copy of the list by E-mail

Please add any comments here:

Here are the Labor Day 500 tunes that won in the last thirteen ballots (you must use Adobe Acrobat-- installed already on most newer browsers-- to view the lists):

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View a ranked list of the best tunes from thirteen surveys' worth of voting
View a list of the best tunes from thirteen surveys' worth of voting listed by artist
View how each song on the list has ranked cumulatively from year to year
(Multi-year analyses courtesy of Brian Polk with our sincere thanks)

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